We have a pricing system that is based mainly on the length of your text and the amount of work it requires.

For clients who would like to have their texts proofread, we have come up with a flat rate system.

Proofreading Fee Calculator:  

Maximum Duration

2 days*

5 days*

10 days*


0,0269 ?/Word

0,0239 ?/Word

0,0199 ?/Word

For instance:

1000 Words

26,9 ?



5000 Words

134,5 ?

119,5 ?

99,5 ?

10000 Words

260,9 ?

239 ?

199 ?

25000 Words

672,5 ?

597,5 ?

497,5 ?

more than 25000 words

Contact us for quote

* Except Sundays.  All our prices include VAT.

Turnaround in 24 hours or less might be possible depending on our current workload and availability of our editors. Contact us to get a quote.
For customers who need editing, we come up with a price tailored to the amount of work your text needs. Therefore, we have to see the document before we can give a quote.

Editing requires much more time and energy. Our editors delve deeper into your text, making broader and deeper changes. Accordingly, it is almost always more expensive than proofreading. As each text requires a different, unique amount of editing, it is difficult to come up with a flat rate system. To get a quote, please send your document. We will have a detailed look at your text and offer an unbinding quote and possible turnaround dates for you.

For all orders at Scribero, the minimum order value is 20 ?. Students receive 5% discount on the overall price.