Scribero offers comprehensive editing services (which is also known as copyediting) to businesses, students, academics, and writers to ensure their written work is clear, fluent, and the overall quality of their text is high and appropriate, as required by universities, publishers, institutions, and customers. Our editing services include an extensive check, review, and correction of the presentation of your content, structure, style, and flow of your text.

Our main goal is to clarify ambiguities and weakness in your text and polish the overall structure. Moreover, we aim to make sure not only that the document makes sense to the audience it is written for, but it also creates the effect you desire. Significantly, editing includes proofreading at Scribero.


You would like to attract customers to your business, impress your professors with your arguments or have your manuscript published in an elite publishing house. To do that, you need the right form of presentation. No matter who your audience is?your professors, customers, or journal reviewers, it is important to have the right content that gives your readers what you aim for. Scribero makes sure that your text has the right strategies: appealing arguments and evidence, intriguing main body, and the right linguistic register. 


The right structure is crucial for the right content. The elegance with which you present your ideas makes the right content possible. The idea of structure includes not only the order of ideas throughout your text but it also includes the way you present your ideas in your paragraphs and sentences. We make sure you have an elegant structure that communicates your ideas to your audience. We point out the mistakes and inconsistencies in your structure and make suggestions for a better flow of your text.


It is a commonly accepted fact that ambiguities in a text distract the reader. Ambiguities are created not only by bad word choice but also problems with the sentence structure, word-order, and paragraph structure. Our editors not only point out ambiguous passages in your text, but they also offer suggestions to clarify the meaning of such problematic areas. 


Like clarity, style is crucial in conveying your message to your audience. While a text written carelessly might lead the reader to stop reading your text, an elegant flow of your ideas can impress the reader. At Scribero, we edit the style and context of the document to make sure that your use of language fits the subject you have written about. We fine-tune your language use to come up with a fluent and native-like text.


In the academic world, a well-cited text is the sign of professionalism. If you cite correctly, you not only solve the question of plagiarism but you also demonstrate how well you fit the academic tradition. Among others, we have extensive experience in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and Turabian styles and we check the consistency of your citations throughout your text as well as on your bibliography page. 

Please note that editing service does not include major re-writing or doing academic research for your text. We do not write your texts for you. We do however help you illustrate your point in your texts in a clear, convincing, and impressive way.