We know that your documents might include personal or confidential information. We are very careful about the confidentiality of your document.

1. Our contact form transmits information through a secure SSL form, which is mainly used in online shopping stores. SSL encryption enables us to accept sensitive information confidentially.

2. Once we receive your documents, we keep them on password-protected computers and hard disks. These computers and disks are further protected by different firewall systems. Only our editor(s) working on your text has access to your document.

3. All our editors signed a Non-disclosure Agreement with us, which ensures the confidentiality of your texts.

4. All our editors adhere to strict impartiality clauses and are monitored frequently to ensure compliance.

After we receive your document, we keep it in our systems for fifteen working days. After that, we delete it from our servers, unless you ask us to keep it longer.

If you would like to send your document in a different way, or if you have other questions regarding the security of your document, do not hesitate to contact us.

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